Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New feature! Track dividends in TradeRadar latest release

Being an income investor can sometimes be difficult. Finding data on dividends over time can be challenging even though so much financial data is available on the Internet and is often free.

Using Trade-Radar Stock Inspector you can now find detailed Dividend History and display it in a chart. Yield calculations are updated whenever you download newest price data.

Downloading Data –

Dividend history is downloaded and updated whenever you do a normal download of price/volume data from Yahoo. No extra steps are necessary.

The Dividend History chart -

Dividends are displayed in the Dividend History chart. This allows you to easily visualize whether a company or ETF is increasing dividends or decreasing dividends. Enough history is provided to allow you to see whether seasonality affects dividends over time.

In addition, an up-to-date dividend yield is calculated and displayed for you based on the trailing 12 months annual dividend (which includes the latest dividend) and that day’s price. The most recent ex-dividend date is also provided. This data is also displayed on the Dashboard form.

Navigating to the Dividend History chart –

The Dividend History chart can be displayed via two methods:

  • The Dividend History chart can be invoked from the drop-down associated with the Chart View top-level menu item
  • On the Dashboard form on the Fundamentals tab, there is a button that allows you to bring up the Dividend History chart

Download it today -

Head on over to our [ download page ] to read more and get the latest version of Stock Inspector. 

You can also take a look at a screen shot of the Dividend History chart and other features of the TradeRadar Stock Inspector software at our [ Screenshots and Features ] page.