Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fix available for data download problem

I'm sure you have noticed that the Trade-Radar software was not able to download data since around May 16th.

An updated version of the software is now available that solves the problem.

To get the new release, you can simply go to our Update page at and grab a copy of the full installation package.

Since this is a full install, it will replace both the software and the Trade-Radar database. If you wish to continue using your current database, save it to another folder and then, after performing the full install, copy it back to the original location. You may also use the Backup and Restore functions built into Trade-Radar Stock Inspector to accomplish the same thing - use Backup to save the database file to a different folder, run the full install and then use Restore to bring the database back.

We have added a few extras to this latest release including some new charting features (look for new buttons on the main chart screen and on the Dashboard Standard Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis tabs). We have also introduced the facility to notify you when a new version of the software is available.

If you encounter any further problems, let us know by sending us a message by clicking the the Contact Us link at the bottom of any of our web site's pages.

As always, updates are completely free.

Thank you for your patience.